History of the Gold American Eagle

When Congress passed the Bullion Coin Act of 1985, the U.S. Mint's first major project was the minting of the Gold American Eagle, which is made entirely from gold mined in the United States. For each year, the Mint creates a regular “Mint State” version of the coin, made for circulation, and a Proof coin, specifically for precious metals investors.

All Gold Eagles are minted with 22 karat gold, which makes them more resistant to wear than a 24 karat coin would be. There are many times fewer proofs than mint state coins minted each year and only a very small percentage of those coins receive a perfect Proof 70 certification, which guarantees their condition. These are the most prized coins for serious investors, who value them for their extreme rarity. Since the supply is fixed, the value of the coins goes up as the supply becomes more rare and demand increases.


Rarity Plus Demand Drives Investment Value Higher

Mintage Year Total Mintage PF70 Population Rarity Rank
1986 446,290 2,200 27th
1987 290,896 1,021 17th
1988 405,570 1,008 15th
1989 238,185 732 9th
1990 276,060 544 2nd
1991 224,709 1,018 16th
1992 196,945 622 5th
1993 170,612 414 1st
1994 202,279 774 10th
1995 201,949 1,150 19th
1996 166,477 700 7th
1997 124,125 635 6th
1998 120,158 588 4th
1999 144,699 569 3rd
2000 151,042 775 11th
2001 110,938 723 8th
Mintage Year Total Mintage PF70 Population Rarity Rank
2002 124,251 865 14th
2003 126,933 1,024 18th
2004 119,515 859 13th
2005 156,029 1,346 20th
2006 164,818 2,130 26th
2007 200,577 2,294 28th
2008 99,832 822 12th
2010 202,799 2,107 25th
2011 146,566 1,540 22nd
2012 70,954 1,930 24th
2013 71,854 1,350 21st
2014 83,948 1,783 23rd
2015 91,016 3,417 30th
2016 TBD 6,936 32nd
2017 TBD 4,946 31st
2018 TBD 2,364 29th


Note: The U.S. Mint did not produce any Proof Gold American Eagle coins in 2009. Instead, a 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Coin was produced.

Source: Mintage figures provided by the United States Mint. "Proof 70 Population" indicates the number of coins in the given year that have been certified in perfect "Proof 70" condition (NGC, April 2017). The population of the Ed Moy Signature Series coins is a subset of these populations thus they will be significantly lower. *Exact mintage figures are unknown at the time of this publishing. 2017 figures represent last reported sales from the U.S. Mint.


Ed Moy Signature Series Gold American Eagle Proof 70 Coins

Wholesale Coins Direct has partnered with former Director of the U.S. Mint, Ed Moy, to offer hand-signed certification labels on America’s #1 Investment Grade Coin, the Gold American Eagle Proof 70 coin. The Ed Moy Signature Series of Gold American Eagle Proof 70 coins will be highly sought after by investors and collectors and is exclusive to Wholesale Coins Direct, meaning population for Proof 70 coins and Date Runs will be extremely low, adding to their investment potential.

In addition to being the 38th Director of the United States Mint, Edmund C. Moy is a well-known author, economist and public speaker. He served as Special Assistant to President George W. Bush for over five years and assisted with the transition to the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security after September 11, 2001. The U.S. Mint sold over a $1 billion in numismatic collectibles and struck over 16 billion coins in Moy’s first year as Director. During his tenure as leader of the U.S. Mint, the financial crisis, and recession spurred an unprecedented demand for gold and silver bullion. The 50 State Quarter program, the Presidential $1 Coin, and the National Parks Quarter program were also milestones of Ed Moy’s term with the U.S. Mint.

Coins with Ed Moy signature labels have made headlines due to their extreme popularity and premiums investors are willing to pay at auction. The Ed Moy Signature Series of Gold American Eagle Proof 70 coins are no exception and are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio within precious metals.

Ed Moy Signature Series Gold American Eagle Proof 70 are available as single coins, 4-coin sets, and even a full Date Run featuring one of each Gold American Eagles minted since 1986. Demand for these hand-signed coins is expected to outpace supply as investors and collectors realize the tremendous investment potential of these coins. Please contact us for more information about this incredible opportunity.

Ed Moy Gold American Proof 70 Eagles

Investment Grade Coins Outperform Bullion over Last 8 Years*

An Era of Volatility: Investment Grade Coins Break Away From Bullion Prices and Increase in Value While the Gold Market Retracts

  • JAN 2010: A $10k initial investment would buy 8.71 ounces of gold or approximately 2 rare Gold American Eagle Proof 70 sets (8 coins).
  • MAY 2010: The price of Gold bullion and Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets jumps as investor demand drives prices higher.
  • JUN 2011: The market price of Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets rallies as supply of key sets diminishes.
  • AUG 2011: Gold bullion reaches a record high above $1,900 per ounce based on investor concern related to the downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating, and the Debt Ceiling.
  • AUG 2012: A rush of investors begins to liquidate their bullion and move into Investment Grade Coins, including Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets.
  • SEP 2012: Gold bullion starts a multi-month slide, while the price of Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets continues to climb.
  • JAN 2013: Gold bullion prices fall week-over-week through the middle of the year.
  • DEC 2013: The market price of gold drops below $1,200 per ounce as the Fed announces a "tapering" of the bond-buying.
  • FEB 2014: Bullion prices solidified in Q1 of 2014 as Russia rattles it sabers in Ukraine and around the world.
  • MAR 2014: Gold Eagle Proof 70 sets continues to out-perform the market as demand exceeds supply.
  • JUN 2014: Militant group ISIS breaks onto the international news scene with brutal terrorist acts in the Middle East, putting world financial markets on edge.
  • OCT 2014: Fears of the Ebola virus rocks the United States and countries around the world. Meanwhile, gold prices fall as the Stock Market rallies.
  • FEB 2015: After two years of stability and moderate growth, the Gold Eagle Proofs begin a new phase of appreciation as traditional bullion investors move towards Investment Grade Coins.
  • MAY 2015: Austerity measures strike Greece and send the Eurozone into a tailspin. World currencies sputter, leaving the U.S. dollar looking relatively strong, pushing gold prices even lower.
  • DEC 2015: Federal Reserve increases U.S. interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade as gold prices plunge to 5-year low.
  • JUN 2016: Fallout from the "Brexit" vote leads to the resignation of the Prime Minister David Cameron and starts a rally in metals prices.
  • SEP 2016: U.S. Presidential R Election drives metals prices higher.
  • APR 2017: Gold continues to remain volatile as the stock market stays bullish into the summer.
  • JUN 2017: The PF70 Index is consolidating and shows signs of another upward trend.

The Gold Eagle Date Run 1986 - 2018

The Gold American Eagle Date Run includes a coin representing each denomination, for each year of mintage. This includes the 1oz for 1986, the 1oz and 1/2oz for 1987, and the 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1oz coin for each year from 1988 to the present date (except for 2009, when no Gold Eagle Proofs were minted), making it the ultimate Gold American Eagle Collection.

Investors and collectors select Gold Eagle PF70 coins for their market demand and rarity, which preserves their value, even when the commodities market fluctuates. The value and price of these certified coins is driven by their rarity, revealed as the "Proof 70 population," which indicates how many of these coins exist in the world.


Proof 70 Date Run Includes:

  • 1986 $50 1 oz Gold Eagle   
  • 1987 Gold Eagle 2-Coin Set
  • 1988 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1989 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1990 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1991 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1992 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1993 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1994 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1995 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1996 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1997 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1998 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 1999 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2000 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2001 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2002 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2003 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2004 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2005 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2006 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2007 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2008 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2010 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2011 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2012 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2013 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2014 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2015 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2016 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2017 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set
  • 2018 Gold Eagle 4-Coin Set

Complete With 6 NGC 20-Coin Storage Boxes

For access to additional years and conditions, contact our Precious Metals Concierge. Call (800) 694-3518 for details.


The Pride of the U.S. Mint

The front of the Gold American Eagle coins features a design that is inspired by the original $20 Gold Double Eagle, designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens and minted from 1907 to 1933.

The United States Mint produces proof versions of American Eagle Bullion coins for collectors and investors. American Eagle Proof Coins undergo a specialized minting process, which begins by manually feeding burnished coin blanks into presses fitted with special dies. The coin is struck multiple times so the softly frosted, yet detailed images seem to float above a mirror-like field.

These are the most prized coins for serious investors and collectors, who value the coins for their extreme rarity and benefit from the increasing demand for the coins, which drives the yearly investment performance numbers.



Gold American Eagle Proof 70 Coins

*Chart is based on historical gold bullion prices as reported by the official Commodities Exchange (COMEX). Gold American Eagle performance is based on the average ask price of all the Investment Grade Proof 70 coins and sets included as offered and presented by Wholesale Coins Direct during the period shown. The population of the Ed Moy Signature Series coins is a subset of these populations thus they will be significantly lower. As with all investments, there is risk and past performance of a particular asset class does not guarantee future performance. Wholesale Coins Direct representatives are not licensed investment advisors. Consult with an independent financial advisor prior to making a decision regarding the purchase or sale of any investment security. Purchases from Wholesale Coins Directs, are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale, which are available online at