What is an MS70 Grading?

MS70 Coin Grading Scale

What is an MS70 Grading?

August 2, 2023 2288 view(s)

In 1949, William Herbert Sheldon, Jr., a prominent American numismatist, developed the "Sheldon scale." This scaled graded coins on a numeric basis from 1 to 70. Presently, it is still accepted as the standard among American numismatists. 

This guide will cover the significance of MS grading in determining coin values for collectors and precious metals investors alike. 

What Does MS70 Mean? 

Coins can be sorted into three types based on how they are struck at the Mint. When a plain metal disc planchet is struck, it may become a Circulation Strike coin, a Proof Strike coin, or a Mint Strike coin— shortened to the acronym “MS.” 

Circulation Strike coin production focuses less on quality and more on efficiency to mass-produce coins for circulation. Proof Strike is in reference to the highest quality type of strike that the Mint uses. These coins are carefully crafted to produce coins that are immaculate in design with minimal scrapes, scratches, or other damages. Keep in mind that proof is in reference to how the coin is manufactured; it is not a grade. 

MS coins, sometimes called business strike coins, are produced via specialized handling. MS coins are generally intended for commerce rather than commemorative purposes. MS70 coins, however, are just a little bit special.

MS70, or Mint State 70 coins, is the highest rating a coin can receive based on its condition. Coins receive this grading after being evaluated by well-trained eyes and experienced coin grading specialists according to the guidelines set by the American Numismatic Association. An MS70 coin is considered to have perfect mintage. 

How Is a Coin Given an MS70 Grade? 

Modern bullion coins make their way to established graders immediately after minting. This contrasts with genuine numismatic coins produced at the US Mint when silver and gold comprised our everyday currency. Despite the high value of these coins, thanks to their rarity and purity, too much surface damage ensued during their circulation for them to receive an MS70 rating.


Very few coins achieve the MS70 designation. An MS70 coin will not show any signs of blemishes, dings, wear and tear, or other imperfections, even at 5x magnification. Glimpsed by the naked eye, these coins appear brand new. The coin is handled by an official grader on behalf of bona fide numismatics organizations like the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). It is important to note that an MS70 rating is indicative of the coin's condition and cannot singularly determine a coin’s inherent value.

What are the Benefits of Buying Coins with an MS70 Grade?   


Numismatic enthusiasts covet coins that receive an MS70 grading because of their guaranteed authenticity, condition, and overall quality. Because of these features, MS70 coins may also have a higher collectible value. Precious metals investors should be aware that the coin’s inherent value actually aligns with its premium over the spot price.

Other factors should be considered, like the coin’s purity and demand. Still, out of hundreds of thousands of minted coins, only a prized handful can achieve an MS70 grading, making them a treasure worth seeking. As a result, MS70 coins can perform well as an investment above lesser grades. 


What’s the Difference Between Certified and Uncertified Coins?  

Knowing the difference between certified and uncertified bullion coins can have a major impact on your investment goals. Bullion coins are “struck” only once and are intended to hold precious metals investments. They are not created with numismatic intentions. Little is done to protect or embellish these coins. Furthermore, bullion coins function to follow the spot price of the precious metal to which their intrinsic value is linked.  

On the other hand, certified coins can provide precious metals owners greater leverage by minimizing risk and maximizing their return on investment over a longer period of time. Once these coins undergo evaluation by a professional grading service to determine their condition and rarity, their value can increase exponentially—the more perfect the coin, the higher the grade. The higher the grade, the more likely you will benefit from a higher selling point.  

MS70 Coin GradingMS70 Coin Grading

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