Movement to Metal | U.S. Gold Bureau

Movement to Metal | U.S. Gold Bureau

Movement to Metal | U.S. Gold Bureau

February 26, 2024 358 view(s)

Gold was down 2% for the week to $2,002, with silver up a fraction to $22.56.  Platinum was up 1% to $906, and palladium rocketed up 4% to $977.


Since a year ago today, gold leads the way up 9%, silver follows up 4%, platinum dropped 1%, and palladium is down 34%.


The rising, inverted yield curve portends difficulty for stocks and the economy, but one sector of stocks is beginning to gain the attention of the brightest minds on Wall Street.  The Gold mining sector is coming into focus by money managers who recognize the froth in other sectors.

Famed money manager Stanley Druckenmiller has been selling technology stocks and purchasing gold mining stocks.  For those that are limited to owning stocks due to investment bylaw issues, mining stocks are one way to get exposure to the precious metals sector.


Fortunately, you and I are able to purchase precious metals directly, as many central banks are also doing.  Frequently, precious metals outperform mining stocks, but some investment managers are limited to stocks, not metals.


Nevertheless, the signals are clear.  Trouble is brewing in the world of investing, and the brightest minds are moving as close to owning physical precious metals as they are allowed to get.  Are you?