Ed Moy Hand-signed Certification


Ed Moy Hand-signed Certification

July 8, 2021 339 view(s)

We recently had a sit-down conversation with Ed Moy, the 38th Director of the U.S. Mint, when he came to visit the Wholesale Coins Direct office. We discussed the current volatility in the economy and how it has impacted the precious metals landscape in the past and the effects that can be expected in years to come.

Ed Moy, The 38th Director of the U.S. Mint speaks with the Wholesale Coins Direct Team during his recent visit.


With the U.S. dollar decreasing in value every day, protecting your wealth with a diversified portfolio of precious metals that includes investment grade coins, may be right for you.

They are part of our exclusive partnership that highlights the beauty of the coins and also points out how investment grade coins can be a key part of a diversified precious metals portfolio. 

Diversification is an investment strategy designed to mitigate overall financial risk. Assets are divided into "classes." If you have a combination of stocks and precious metals, you have two different asset classes, as they generally do not react to market events in the same manner. The divergence is similar to the difference of bullion and investment grade coins. This is why many investors turn to Wholesale Coins Direct to diversify and rebalance their precious metals portfolio -- especially now with the stock market at an all-time high. 

What Is the Difference Between Investment Grade Coins and Bullion? 

Your individual investment goals determine the allocation of investment grade coins or bullion.  If you are interested in a long-term hold, the value of investment grade coins have the potential to steadily increase in price over time. If you are interested in a short-term hold, you may want bullion for that part of your portfolio, but you may still be interested in the exclusive product line and partnership with Ed Moy, the 38th Director of the United States Mint – just for the beauty and collectible nature of the coins. These exclusive hand-signed certification labels are found on America's #1 Investment Grade Coin, the Gold American Eagle Proof 70 coin and more!

Coins with Ed Moy signature labels have made headlines due to their extreme popularity and premiums investors are willing to pay at auction. As a result, the Ed Moy Signature Series is increasing in value.


According to his bio notes, Ed Moy “came from humble beginnings,” growing up with Chinese and Hong Kong immigrant parents in suburban Wisconsin. Through early-age work at his parents' Chinese American restaurant in Waukesha, Wisconsin, he learned critical business lessons and developed what would grow into an unwavering affinity for coin collecting.

The partnership is exciting for us at Wholesale Coins Direct, not only do we get visits from Ed Moy in person from time to time, but he hand-signs every label offered by us and takes pride in every single signature.

Ed Moy is pictured with Wholesale Coins Direct CEO, Boots Crossley.
“For me, the American Eagle gold proof coin sets the high bar for a great coin: a beautiful and patriotic design, exquisitely made, and popular with investors and collectors alike.  I love the uniquely American design and that it was made with pride by the men and women of the United States Mint." ~ Ed Moy

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