This Election Could Be Great for Gold


This Election Could Be Great for Gold

November 3, 2020 233 view(s)

Americans are heading to the polls across our great country. Many people from all walks of life are calling this year’s presidential election the most important election in history. The candidates have different views on the direction that the country should be headed and could end up steering this country down completely different paths.

With so much uncertainty about what comes next, many Americans are also heading to the bank to pull out cash and prepare for what could be a tumultuous time ahead.

If you’re worried about Stock Market volatility and civil unrest, you may want to stock up on precious metals as part of your preparedness plan. The prices of gold, silver and platinum are up about half a percent on the day and the price of palladium is already up 3%. In times of uncertainty, many analysts and financial advisors recommend investing in precious metals to shelter assets from the volatility of the stock market and protect against rising inflation.

Make sure your vote is counted – and make sure you protect your assets for whatever may come.