Gold Goddess & Silver Longhorn Coins: Numismatic Legacy of Texas

Gold Goddess & Silver Longhorn Coins: Numismatic Legacy of Texas

Gold Goddess & Silver Longhorn Coins: Numismatic Legacy of Texas

November 27, 2023 816 view(s)

The tale of the Republic of Texas stands as a remarkable chapter in American history—a state that once proudly stood as its own sovereign nation. Founded on March 2, 1836, Texas declared its independence, marking a pivotal moment in history. The formal recognition by the U.S. government under President Andrew Jackson on March 3, 1837, elevated Texas to the status of a republic equipped with its own constitution. a wise investment but a piece of our shared heritage.


One of the most intriguing aspects of this era was the Republic of Texas's authorization to mint its own currency. Emulating the principles set forth by the young United States, the Texas Constitution granted Congress the authority to issue currency, specifically highlighting the use of gold and silver coins as lawful tender. However, due to the scarcity of precious metals during that time, coins were never minted. Instead, promissory notes, commonly known as "Star Money," were issued in various denominations, ranging from $1 to $500. Today, surviving examples of these notes hold immense value and are highly coveted by collectors for their historical significance.


Commemorating a Legacy: The Republic of Texas Coins

The legacy of the Republic of Texas is commemorated through meticulously crafted Gold and Silver proof coins—a homage to the what-ifs of history. The Gold Proof Coin, struck from 1oz of pure .9999 gold, bears the denomination "100 Lone Stars". The obverse proudly displays the revered Alamo, accompanied by the "Goddess of Liberty," a powerful figure from atop the Austin Capitol Building. Clutching the "Lone Star," symbolizing independence, this depiction resonates deeply with Texans and freedom enthusiasts alike.

On the reverse, a picturesque representation features Texas Longhorns amidst a field of Bluebonnets, honoring the official large mammal and state flower of Texas, respectively. The harmony between the Longhorn and Bluebonnet reflects the spirit of Texas.

The Silver Proof, minted from 1oz of pure .9999 silver with the denomination "1 Lone Star," depicts Liberty standing alongside a cannon, reminiscent of the battle that secured Texas's independence. This portrayal, inspired by the San Jacinto Battle Flag, symbolizes the Texan resolve with the draped ribbon stating, "Liberty or Death." The cannon signifies the historic struggle of Texas colonists at Gonzales in 1835, fighting for their rights.


Captivating Designs

The Republic of Texas 1oz Gold Goddess Coin:

The Obverse features The Alamo and the resplendent "Goddess of Liberty," an emblem atop the Austin Capitol Building, proudly wielding the "Lone Star." On the Reverse, a trio of Texas Longhorns amidst Bluebonnets encapsulates the essence of Texan heritage.

The Republic of Texas 1oz Silver Longhorn Coin:

The Obverse displays Liberty alongside a cannon, embodying the spirit of "Liberty or Death." The Reverse showcases a solitary Texas Longhorn, representing the unwavering spirit of the Republic.

Highlights of these commemorative coins:

Gold Goddess Coin:

  • Weight: 1 troy oz
  • Purity: .9999 Fine Gold
  • Mintage: 250
  • Denomination: 100 Lone Stars

Silver Longhorn Coin:

  • Weight: 1 troy oz
  • Purity: .9999 Fine Silver
  • Mintage: 2,000
  • Denomination: 1 Lone Star

The Republic of Texas coins stand as poignant tributes to a remarkable period in history, preserving the essence of independence and valor that define the Lone Star State.


Why Invest in Proof 10 Coins?

These coins are graded off the NGCX 10-point grading scale, with the highest grade being Proof 10. Investing in Proof 10 coins presents a compelling opportunity for collectors and investors alike. The Proof 10 grade signifies the highest attainable quality, indicating coins that are immaculately struck and free from any imperfections or blemishes. These coins undergo rigorous inspection and are certified by reputable grading agencies, providing assurance of their pristine condition. Such coins not only hold historical and commemorative value but also carry a substantial appeal within the numismatic community. Moreover, the pristine state of Proof 10 coins often translates to enhanced market demand and liquidity, offering a hedge against market fluctuations while preserving the intrinsic value of these remarkable pieces of history.

Investing in Proof 10 coins stands as a testament to securing assets that encapsulate both historical significance and enduring value, making them a prudent choice for astute collectors and investors seeking stability and potential growth in their portfolios.


Republic of Texas Gold and Silver ProofsRepublic of Texas Gold and Silver Proofs


Bottom Line

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