Gold Outshines Treasuries to Be Top Hedge

Gold Outshines Treasuries to Be Top Hedge Against Ukraine Risk

Gold Outshines Treasuries to Be Top Hedge

March 1, 2022 63 view(s)

Gold has replaced Treasuries as the haven of choice as the conflict in Ukraine worsens, with surging oil prices diminishing the appeal of bonds.

The precious metal is gaining in popularity after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drove Brent crude prices above the $100 mark last week for the first time since 2014. Bullion jumped about 6% this month, while an index of U.S. sovereign bonds slid 1.5%.


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The worst geopolitical crisis in Europe since World War II has redefined the limits of safety for investors as costlier commodities add to fears of accelerating inflation. Even the yen and the Swiss franc, which tend to strengthen during times of risk aversion, have fared poorly due to their respective central banks’ loose monetary policies.

“The whole crisis has gone to a level that we couldn’t have believed, and investors are no longer saying we’ll buy some defensive stocks or bonds,” said Global CIO Office chief executive officer Gary Dugan. “It’s now about buying gold especially against the backdrop of inflation risks that have been made worse by the conflict.”