Classic Gold American Eagle Proof 70 Date Run, 1986 - 1991


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The Classic Gold American Eagle Date Run includes one of each of every denomination of Gold Eagle minted from 1986 to 1991 – a total of 19 coins and 8.65 ounces of pure gold. Every coin is graded by NGC in Proof 70 Ultra Cameo condition -- the highest grade available.

The coins of the Classic Group (spanning from 1986 to 1991) have seen exceptional investment performance, with yearly price increases up to 41% over the last several years, far above average returns in the stock market or even the gold bullion market.

The date run also includes a free wooden storage box that protects and stores 20 NGC coin slabs. Color may vary between dark mohagany, cedar, or natural wood

Classic Group Gold American Eagle Performance
(Based on an 11-year trend)
Mintage Year Starting Price (2010) Current Price Price Increase Gain % Yearly Performance PF70 Population Group Ranking
1986 $50 Gold American Eagle PF70 $2,475.00 $6,139.00 $3,664.00 148% 11% 4,662 6
1987 Gold American Eagle 2 Coin SET PF70 $3,639.00 $9,257.00 $5,618.00 154% 12% 1,714 5
1988 Gold American Eagle SET PF70 $5,300.00 $14,824.00 $9,524.00 180% 14% 1,637 4
1989 Gold American Eagle SET PF70 $5,130.00 $15,200.00 $10,070.00 196% 15% 1,174 2
1990 Gold American Eagle SET PF70 $7,900.00 $24,959.00 $17,059.00 216% 17% 1,113 1
1991 Gold American Eagle SET PF70 $5,867.00 $14,724.00 $8,857.00 151% 12% 1,563 3
Source: Mintage figures provided by the United States Mint. Proof 70 Sets indicates the maximum possible population of perfect condition sets for the year given (NGC, March 2023).


More Information
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Eagle
Purity 22 Karat
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint
Mint Mark W - West Point
Metal Type Gold
Face Value Set - $5, $10, $25, $50
Grade PF70
Coin Type Certified
Modern or Historical Modern
Grade Service NGC
Year 1986-1991

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