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2022 Palladium American Eagle Reverse Proof 70 Coin Description:

The U.S. Mint launched its flagship American Eagle coin program in 1986 with the release of its gold and silver bullion and proof Eagle coins. In the 30-plus years since the program’s inaugural runs, the Mint has added platinum and, most recently, palladium versions to the American Eagle suite of coins. The platinum bullion and proof coins were introduced in 1997, while the palladium coins were introduced only a few years ago – in 2017 as a bullion version and 2018 as an investment-grade version.

The finish of the investment-grade Palladium Eagle alternates every year. In 2018, it was released with a proof finish, followed by the impressive reverse proof finish in 2019, an uncirculated finish in 2020, and again as a reverse proof coin for 2022.

The 2022 Palladium American Eagle Reverse Proof was subject to mintage and product limits of 7,500 coins and a household order limit of one. This year’s Palladium Eagle Reverse Proof coin was struck to meet the same specifications as its preceding investment-grade counterparts. The coin is legal tender and will carry a $25 face value (although its face value is essentially nominal, as the coin realizes its value primarily by way of its precious metal contents) and is be comprised of 1.0005 troy ounces of 99.95% fine palladium. As in years past, the coin has reeded edges and features the “W” mint mark, indicating production at the West Point Mint in New York.

Just as its specifications will match those of coins from years past, the obverse and reverse designs of the 2022 Palladium American Eagle Proof will also remain the same as previous installments of the coin. The motifs on both sides of the coin are high-relief adaptations of early-20th century designs created by famed, world-renowned designer Adolph A. Weinman.

The front side, or obverse, of the Palladium Eagle features a likeness of Weinman's "Winged Liberty" profile image struck initially on the United States' "Mercury Dime" beginning in 1916. The Mercury Dime's tenure endured for nearly 30 years, through 1945, after which it was replaced by the iteration we see today that features a profile portrait of late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on its obverse and an image of an olive branch, torch and oak branch on its reverse.

The reverse of the 2022 Palladium American Eagle Proof features another high-relief replica of an early-20th century Weinman design. In this case, the motif reflects the image Weinman created for the backside of the 1907 American Institute of Architects Gold Medal, which features an eagle standing atop a rock, clasping a branch – presumably an olive branch – in its beak. The inscriptions included on the reverse of the Palladium Eagle coin include “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” along the coin’s top rim, mirrored by “E PLURIBUS UNUM” along the bottom, and the coin’s “1 OZ. Pd .9995 FINE” metal contents appearing just above that. The $25 face value of the coin is inscribed to the left of the branch being held by the bird.

Coin Highlights:

  • Each coin contains 1 Troy oz of .9995 pure palladium 
  • Reverse Proof finish; Distinctive and beautiful mirror-like foreground and frosted background, “reversing” the traditional proof finish.
  • Perfect Proof 70 condition graded by NGC
  • Hand signed label by Ed Moy, 38th U.S. Mint Director
  • Obverse: Design features a high-relief likeness of "Winged Liberty" from the Mercury Dime which was designed by Adolph A. Weinman.
  • Reverse: Design features a high-relief version of the 1907 American Institute of Architects Gold Medal reverse which includes an eagle and a branch
    Backed by the United States government
Palladium Eagle 1 oz Coins Performance (2017-2022)
Mintage Year Starting Price Current Price Price Increase Gain % PF70 Population Total Mintage
2017 Palladium American Eagle MS70 coin $5,038.00 $6,149.00 $1,111.00 22% 5,546 15,000
2018 Palladium American Eagle Proof 70 Coin $4,650.00 $6,798.00 $2,148.00 46% 4,088 15,000
2019 Palladium American Eagle Reverse Proof 70 Coin $3,875.00 $6,558.00 $2,683.00 69% 4,988 30,000
2020 Palladium American Eagle MS70 Coin $5,348.00 $6,239.00 $891.00 17% 3,612 10,000
2021 Palladium American Eagle Proof 70 Coin $6,356.00 $6,675.00 $319.00 5% 1,671 12,000
2022 Palladium American Eagle Reverse Proof 70 Coin $5,564.00 $5,749.00 $185.00 3% TBD TBD
Source: Mintage figures provided by the United States Mint. Proof 70/Mint State 70 Population indicates the maximum possible population of perfect condition sets or individual coins for the year given (NGC, December 2021).


More Information
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Eagle
Purity .9995
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint
Mint Mark W - West Point
Metal Type Palladium
Face Value $25
Grade PF70
Coin Type Certified
Modern or Historical Modern
Grade Service NGC
Year 2022
Metal Weight 1 troy oz

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