1 oz Silver Buffalo Stackable Round


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20 - 99 $26.32 $27.42
100 - 499 $26.02 $27.11
500 and more $25.62 $26.69
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1 oz Silver Buffalo Stackable Round Description:

Minted by the SilverTowne Mint located in Winchester, Indiana, these Buffalo Replica Stackable 1 oz Silver Medallion are an innovative way to invest in silver. The rounds have an interlocking design that prevent stacks of the rounds from toppling over.

The SilverTowne Mint originally released their stackable rim design in 2015 and received an overwhelming response from the marketplace. The Indian Head Nickel or U.S. Buffalo Nickel that was minted from 1913-1938 serves as the inspiration for this 1oz stackable round. Designed by James Earle Fraser, the U.S. Buffalo Nickel is an iconic symbol in U.S. coinage history. It features the profile image of a Native American chief, which is actually three different chiefs combined. The reverse is of a bison named "Black Diamond" who called the Central Park Zoo in New York home.

Coin features:

  • 1 Troy oz. of .999 fine silver
  • Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition
  • Reeded edge making coins stackable
  • Iconic design of Indian head on obverse and American buffalo on reverse

All of the American Buffalo Gold coins feature obverse and reverse designs originally prepared by noted American sculptor James Earle Fraser, once a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, for America's 5-cent coin (nickel).

The Indian Head, or Buffalo Nickel, was introduced in 1913 and showcases the beautiful American West.

Two of the three American Indians who modeled for Fraser as he sculpted the coin were named by the designer before his death. They were Chief Iron Tail of the Lakota Sioux and Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne.

Black Diamond, featured on the reverse of the coin was a popular attraction at the New York Zoological Gardens.

The Official Mammal of the United States, the American Buffalo and the classic, stoic image of a Native American with feathers flowing from his hair are featured on James Earle Fraser's iconic design for the Silver American Buffalo. The 1 oz coin beautifully celebrates the heritage of the United States in .999 pure silver. Privately minted in the United States, the Silver Buffalo Stackable Round is a tribute to the design first used on the Buffalo Nickel in 1913.

After your purchase of the Silver Buffalo Stackable Round you will be tempted to see how many you can stack and how quickly you can stack these coins. Silvio Sabba is the world record holder for most coins stacked into a tower in one minute (69). Phil Lester holds the title as the fastest coin stacker in the world. He stacked 25 coins in 31.617 seconds. Tai Star is the world record holder for stacking 3,118 coins on a single dime, shattering his previous record of 469 coins on a single dime. It took 7 hours to build and includes 600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickels, 1699 pennies, and 5 foreign coins. The structure is hollow in the middle.

Buy the Buffalo Replica Stackable 1 oz Silver Medallion to go after your own world record or simply as a way to protect your portfolio with a quality investment in silver.


More Information
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Private Round
Purity .999
Mint/Refinery SilverTowne
Metal Type Silver
Face Value 1.5 euro
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Metal Weight 1 troy oz

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