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Score 36 - 50 | Conservative Investor

Your main concern: Protection

You have worked hard for your money and want to do what you can to protect it for yourself and your family. You generally believe that slow and steady wins the race and you'd prefer not to make a high-risk bet on an investment that you can't control. You have genuine concerns about the direction of our country and the economy, but do not think that we are on the verge of a major collapse. You believe that gold and silver will go up, but you want to be protected in case they don't.

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Score 21 - 35 | Moderate Investor

Your main concern: Diversification

You understand that risk and reward go together and you want to achieve a smart balance between the two. You are seriously concerned about the falling value of the U.S. dollar and want to hedge against rising inflation and a struggling national economy. You want to gain when gold and silver go up and want to shelter yourself from major dips in market prices that can occur.

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Score 10 - 20 | Survivalist Investor

Your main concern: Economic Collapse

You are extremely concerned that our financial system as we know it may be near an end. You want to prepare for an extreme event that could strike a massive blow to the U.S. dollar and shake our country to the core. You are convinced that gold and silver prices have bottomed out and you are comfortable placing your bet on the commodities market, even though it has proven volatile in the past.

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