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Panama-Pacific Commemorative MS65 Set Description:

The "Dream Set"

One Of The Most Historic Sets Of Commemorative Coins. It’s a great story -- The Panama-Pacific International Exposition was held in San Francisco, California from February 20 to December 4, 1915 to commemorate ostensibly the completion and opening of the Panama Canal on August 15, 1914. Also celebrated was the city’s rise from the ashes of the 1906 earthquake.

A commemorative coin series was authorized by the United States Congress to be struck at the San Francisco Mint. This set included a gold Dollar, a gold Quarter Eagle, a Round Fifty Dollar Gold Piece, an Octagonal Fifty Dollar Gold Piece and a silver Half Dollar. The Half Dollar and the two Fifty Dollar Gold Pieces were the first commemorative coins struck bearing the motto “In God We Trust.”

The average family income in 1915 was around $687.00.  Given that, the total cost of the set in 1915 was $247.00, most Americans were unable to afford such expensive pieces.  Most of the $50 dollars pieces were not sold and sent back to the Mint to be melted.  After the returns the net mintage for the octagonal coin was 645 and the net mintage for the round coin was 483.  

To find a complete MS65 set is extreamly rare!  Own a landmark piece of American Numismatics today! 

  • 1915-S Pan Pac Gold Dollar -- NGC MS65
  • 1915-S Gold $2.5 Pan Pac -- NGC MS65
  • 1915-S $50 Pan Pac Round -- NGC MS65
  • 1915-S $50 Pan Pac Octagonal -- NGC MS65
  • 1915-S Pan Pac Half Dollar -- PCGS MS65


More Information
Coin Series Commemoratives
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint - San Francisco
Grade MS65
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Pre-33
Year 1915

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