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The INTERCEPT® material within the archival quality box offers active protection against tarnishing. This Intercept box contains 10 individual Intercept boxes for certified coin slabs. 

Each box has material from the Intercept Technology line that filters the air within. Coins composed of copper, bronze, silver, or gold can be stored and preserved in the box.

10 single slab boxes are also included in the Intercept box, which carries 10 slabs from various manufacturers, including PCGS, NGC, ANACS, EVERSLAB, QUICKSLAB, and many more.

The combination of the single slab sleeve and the outer box results in the provision of a double layer of Intercept Technology(TM) material. The outcome is the highest level of taint defense.

6 3/8 x 3 1/4 x 3 3/4' (162 x 82 x 94 mm) is the overall size.


More Information
Product Type Display/Storage Box
Metal Type None
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern

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