1797 $10 Draped Bust Right Gold Eagle NGC AU58 (Large Eagle)


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Features of the 1797 $10 Draped Bust Right Gold Eagle NGC AU58 (Large Eagle):

  • Minted in the year 1797
  • US - Philadelphia Mint
  • AU58 Graded by NGC
  • NGC Population: 56

This was the first-year design for the 1797 Eagle with Heraldic Eagle and or Large Eagle reverse, following the Small Eagle Type. With a mintage of 10,940 pieces, there are only 200- 250 examples are known today in all grades. Brilliant yellow gold surfaces exhibit a uniformly bright satin texture with a faint amount of semi-reflectiveness that’s evident in the fields. Sharply struck, with no visual distractions or adjustment marks evident. A Key date example of early U.S. Coinage. A cornerstone addition to any level of collection of U.S. Numismatics. 


More Information
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Pre-33 Gold
Purity .9167
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint - Philadelphia
Metal Type Gold
Face Value $10
Grade AU58
Coin Type Certified
Modern or Historical Pre-33
Grade Service NGC
Year 1797
Metal Weight 0.617 oz

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