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The 1 oz Platinum American Eagle is one of the best-selling platinum bullion coins in the world. The Platinum American Eagle is guaranteed by the United States government for weight, content and purity.


  • Statue of Liberty Design
  • Face Value of $100
  • Contains 1 oz of .9995 pure platinum

The Statue of Liberty has long been a symbol of freedom and is beautifully depicted on the obverse of the coin. The reverse of the coin is an American Eagle with its majestic wings spread as if in mid-flight. The face value ($100), purity and weight are also included on the back of the coin. The Platinum America Eagle coin perfectly conveys the pride and spirit of the United States.

Collectors and investors alike will want to add these beautiful coins to their financial portfolios, perhaps in a precious metal IRA. Additional paperwork needs to be completed at the time of purchase. Please contact a Wholesale Coins Direct Representative at (800) 694-3518 for more information.

Wholesale Coins Direct offers many different ways to invest in precious metals, including the Gold American Buffalo, Gold American Eagle, and Gold Krugerrand along with many other gold and silver coins.

Order will be fulfilled with year of issue coin.


More Information
Finish Mint State
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Eagle
Purity .999
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint
Metal Type Platinum
Face Value $100
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Year Varies
Metal Weight 1 troy oz

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