1 oz Platinum Heraeus Bar


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10 - 24 $1,123.44 $1,170.29
25 and more $1,118.44 $1,165.08
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1 oz Platinum Heraeus Bar Highlights:

The 1 oz Platinum Heraeus Bar represents a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of precious metals, renowned for its exceptional purity and impeccable craftsmanship. Crafted with 1 ounce of .9995 fine Platinum, this bar stands as a valuable addition to any investment portfolio or precious metal collection.

On the obverse side of the bar, the distinguished Argor-Heraeus stamp takes center stage, proudly displaying the weight and purity of the Platinum encased within. This hallmark of quality not only enhances the bar's aesthetic appeal but also serves as a mark of authenticity and excellence, instilling confidence in every investment.

Turning the bar over, the reverse side features the iconic Argor-Heraeus logo intricately arranged in a repeating pattern. This distinctive design element not only adds visual interest but also reinforces the bar's provenance and adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship upheld by Argor-Heraeus.

Platinum, revered for its rarity, durability, and intrinsic value, offers investors and collectors a unique opportunity for diversification and wealth preservation. With its .9995 fine purity, the 1 oz Platinum Heraeus Bar provides a tangible asset with enduring value, offering stability and security in an ever-changing economic landscape.

Each 1 oz Platinum Heraeus Bar is meticulously crafted and securely packaged to protect its integrity and ensure authenticity. This additional layer of protection provides peace of mind to investors, safeguarding their investment from tampering or counterfeiting.

As a renowned name in the precious metals industry, Argor-Heraeus has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every Platinum bar they produce, making the 1 oz Platinum Heraeus Bar a symbol of distinction and prestige.

In conclusion, the 1 oz Platinum Heraeus Bar epitomizes the enduring value and allure of precious metals. With its .9995 fine Platinum content, distinctive design, and impeccable craftsmanship, this bar represents the pinnacle of quality and sophistication in the world of bullion. Whether as an investment or a collector's item, it serves as a timeless symbol of wealth and prosperity.

  • 1 oz of .9995 fine Platinum
  • Obverse: Argor-Heraeus stamp with weight and purity
  • Reverse: Argor-Heraeus logo in a repeating pattern
  • Sealed in assay card
  • Argor-Heraeus is one of the world's oldest refiners


More Information
Product Type Bar
Purity .9995
Mint/Refinery Heraeus
Metal Type Platinum
Face Value 1.5 euro
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Year N/A
Metal Weight 1 troy oz

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