2009 - 2018 Platinum American Eagle Date Run Proof 70

2009 - 2018 Platinum American Eagle Date Run Proof 70


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Metal Platinum
Mint U.S. Mint

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This being the 20th anniversary of the platinum Eagle coin, Wholesale Coins Direct has decided to release a very special platinum coin kit. This combination package will contain a date run of coins from 2009 to 2018. All of them will be platinum Eagle coins and all of them will have a NGC grade of PF70. This means that the coins shouldn't show any post-production flaw when visible by up to five-times magnification.

These platinum eagles comes in a number of different sizes. Four sizes to be exact. These range from 1/10 a troy ounce, face value $10; 1/4 of a troy ounce, face value of $25; 1/2 a troy ounce, face value $50; and the size that your coins will arrive in, a full troy ounce, each carrying a face value of $100. Of course the face value of a coins will not represent its intrinsic value. A troy-ounce of platinum will be worth more than the $100 face value that the currency represents.

With so many different types of reverse design on these platinum Eagles, you're sure to have one that will be your favorite. They're all made from 99.95 percent platinum and each design is unique and patriotic in its own way. Maybe the 1999 edition with an eagle flying over American wetlands will be your favorite. After all it does feature an alligator crawling through a swamp. Or it could be the 2016 edition which features both Lady Liberty and the bald eagle, fitting multiple American icons on what coin side. Capitalize on this deal today and find your favorite platinum Eagle coin.

Coin Highlights 
• Mint: U.S. Mint
• Kit make-up:  A complete date run of coins from 2009 to 2018
• NGC Grade: PF70 or Proof 70
• Coins weigh one-troy ounce each




Purity No
Mint U.S. Mint
Metal Platinum
Face Value No
Grade PF70
Grade Service NGC
Year Varies

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