50 Gram Gold Combibar

50 x 1g Pure Gold CombiBar 50 x 1g Pure Gold CombiBar 50 x 1g Pure Gold CombiBar
50 x 1g Pure Gold CombiBar


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Quick Specifications:

Metal Gold
Mint Valcambi SA
Weight 1.6075 oz
Face Value N/A

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The idea of detachable bullion CombiBars™ came ESG in the summer of 2010. Due to global banking and european currency crises, more and more investors started to demand a higher number of small bars rather than few larger ones to increase their flexibility in the event of an economic crisis or to simplify future trading. The CombiBar includes simple breakable strips of 50 1 gram gold bars which can be detached by bending them in the crease and then snaping off the number of individual grams that you want. What you are left with are individual 1 gram bars of gold that you can sell or trade anywhere in the world.



Product Type Bar
Purity .9999
Mint Valcambi SA
Metal Gold
Grade Raw

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