2021 Canada's Rarest Coins: 1936 Dot 10 Cents


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2021 Canada's Rarest Coins: 1936 Dot 10 Cents Description:

This coin is a reproduction of the ultra-rare 1936 Dot 10 Cents coin. Every engraved detail has been kept intact from the original, even the original date on the coin's reverse ("1936"), making this gold reproduction is the next best thing to owning the original. 

A "Dot" Variety: The 1936 Dot 10-Cent Coin
Following the death of King George V on January 20, 1936, preparations began on a new obverse for 1937 featuring the effigy of King Edward VIII. But the abdication crisis in December 1936 caused an unexpected delay, and concerns of a possible shortage of coins led to an extraordinary issue. Marked by a raised dot on the reverse, a total of 191,237 10-cent coins were produced in early 1937, all bearing the old King George V obverse and the "1936" date. It's unlikely that any of these specimen strikes actually circulated. It is believed most were melted down, and only three of them are known to exist outside of museum collections.

Key Features: 

  • Mintage: Only 550 coin available worldwide
  • 30mm diameter, this pure gold version is larger than the original which was only 18.03mm. The new size brings appreciation for the detailed design.
  • Engravers went over every element of the original coin in order to replicate its famous design, from the effigy down to the number of denticles that form the border.
  • Coin bears both the original date and current year of issue; "1936" is on the reverse, "2021" is featured on the obverse


More Information
Product Type Coin
Purity .9999
Mint/Refinery Royal Canadian Mint
Metal Type Gold
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Year 2021
Metal Weight 1 troy oz
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